Dinda Salwa Nabila from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Islam Malang, won the international competition

Administrative Science Faculty achieve Internasional level achievement.
Congratulation for Dinda Salwa Nabila from Administrative Science Faculty Universitas Islam Malang Indonesia. Dinda get the third place at “Empowering The Young Generation with Foundational Competencies for The Future Worlf of Work”.


Dinda with participants from Malaysia,Thailand and Srilanka country in one group discussing about “Services, Entertainment and Tourism” Result the discussing is: To resolve the problem was given (how to engage young adults with needed skills in the industry of Services, Entertainment, and Tourism) we come with the idea of making a VR website where the targeted participants can learn and stimulated called SkillSync. SkillSync is more than a learning platform—it’s a catalyst for a new generation, equipping them not just with practical skills but with a real-world understanding that’s necessary for the future of work. Dinda with group are hoping with SkillSync, and will revolutionize professional development.

Dinda was so happy to be participating in this event, because from that I have gain so much things. Such as new experiences, knowledges, and friends. The feeling of changing our minds to solve one problem is a new feeling that I don’t experience much.

Dr.Rini Rahayu Kurniati, M.Si, Dean of Administration Science Faculty give appreciaton, and hope more students Will join that competion because can to learn something new and support to UNISMA World Class University .

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